Smoke Damage

This world is full of surprises. Some of them can be pleasant surprises, but others can become the worst nightmare of your life. Dealing with a fire damaged house is one unexpected event that can be truly excruciating. People spend millions of dollars to build and decorate a home, and that same home could prove to be a paper tiger when confronted with a natural disaster. Most fire-related accidents happen due to carelessness, and once the damage has been done you cannot simply ignore the problem. Remember, in the event of a fire-related accident in your home, there will be no one but you to pay the piper.

Apart from contending with the mental shock of the fire, you will have to spend a great deal of money on fire damage restoration. When it comes to fire damaged property, beginning the process of smoke damage cleanup is the most crucial action to take. Smoke damage restoration is a tricky task, and it requires a specialist who knows how to clean smoke damaged items.

Although hiring a smoke damage cleaning specialist is necessary, there are some actions you can take on your own to make your house look a bit better before the specialist arrives. Depending on your specific situation, it may not even be possible for you to call in a fire or smoke damage specialist. In any event, it is a good idea to keep the following points in mind in order to repair smoke damage.

Things to keep in mind

It goes without saying that many health issues are associated with fire, smoke and soot damage. Smoke damage, in particular, should be taken seriously, as smoke can be very dangerous, particularly if it is generated by the burning of plastic or other synthetic materials.  This implies that the smoke may contain certain chemicals that could be hazardous to your health. Take the proper precautions and proceed with the cleanup according to the following guidelines

Basic Guidelines

  • Cover your face and try to open all windows and doors to facilitate air circulation.

  • If the weather is warm, using a dehumidifier is recommended.

  • Don’t even consider eating uncovered food items, as they may be toxic.

  • Don’t use electrical appliances without first inspecting them for safety purposes.

Removing Soot and smoke odor

Soot can stain all of your fabrics and textiles, including carpets. Since soot is oily, you will have to take special steps to remove it.

  • Use a vacuum to remove soot from drapes, carpets and upholstered furniture.

  • Chemical sponges or rubbing alcohol can also be used to help remove soot.

  • After removing soot, you can attempt to deodorize your clothing, carpets and draperies. The odor of smoke is very stubborn and will not go away after cleaning without being specifically deodorized. For deodorization, special additives or counteractants can be used. Ozone treatment is also a good option, but you will have to hire a specialist to complete the process.

  • After deodorization, use warm water and liquid detergent for cleaning.

  • To clean counter tops, glass, sealed wood, metal appliances and other hard materials, use a diluted chemical solution.

The ideal way to deal with fire damage is to be prepared for it beforehand. There are certain preventive measures you can take, in addition to these emergency recovery measures. It is essential to educate yourself about all of these procedures and methods in order to prevent or properly deal with a fire damaged house.